How does FLC figure monthly billing fees?

How does FLC figure monthly billing fees?

Each property offers it’s own set of requirements. Therefore, each contract is figured based on those unique requirements. We analyze each property, noting how long it will take to accomplish the weekly requirements, how much debris will be required to haul away weekly, and what any extra costs for regular additional work.

Billing will occur at the beginning of every month with payment due by the fifteenth of every month. Cancellation of service must be made in writing prior to the first of the month.

Florida Landscape Concepts, hereinafter entitled Contractor, holds a monthly minimum of $300 per month per property. Monthly charges are calculated on a 48-week year and divided into monthly payments taking into consideration heavier workloads during the summer and lighter workloads in the winter based on the guidelines set forth below.

As Florida Landscape Concepts is a family-based business, all typical calendared holidays are observed and therefore the contractor will be closed for business. Furthermore, the contractor shuts down between the Christmas and New Year holidays for time with family and to allow for yearly equipment maintenance. Time off is calculated into the monthly billing (we charge only 48 of the 52 weeks).

Payments made more than 15 days late may incur late charges and/or legal action to collect payment.

Monthly fees incorporate our standard contractual duties, hauling of debris (only) created by the contractual duties, fuel charges, and any extra needs listed in the contract.

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