Florida Landscape Concepts offers a variety of services.

We also keep an extensive list of every other trade related to your outdoor landscape that we work with exclusively to provide our customers with a complete package. Please contact us for all your landscape needs.

  • Turf Installation

    Anybody can throw turf on the ground, but it takes proper preparation and technique to create a beautiful lawn. Empire Zoysia, St. Augustine Flortam, and Seville are the popular choices.

  • Seasonal Color

    We can install annuals and perennials during every season of the year to give your yard some POP!

  • Maintenance

    We offer complete landscape maintenance packages. We offer detailed services using the right tool for the job. Whether its using a hand pruner or push mowing with a bagging mower, we utilize the proper techniques to keep your landscape exquisite.

  • Tree Installation

    We can install almost any size tree, palm, or bamboo in even the hardest of places.

  • Irrigation

    We can diagnose your irrigation system and calibrate it for optimal use. We also can repair, replace, or add new components and zones to your system.

  • Mulch and shell

    One of the most understood aspects of landscaping is mulching. We offer many different options to cover up the soil in you landscape beds. We also can enlighten you on the many reasons to mulch your property.

  • Butterfly gardens

    Let us install a beautiful butterfly garden in your landscape.

  • Water Features

    Water features come in all shapes and sizes. From fountains to bubblers to small ponds, we can help choose the right feature to bring the soothing sounds of water into your landscape.

  • Drainage

    Got puddles? We can install underground drains and french drains from your gutters and other low lying areas and re-direct it to other appropriate parts of your property.

  • Landscape Consultation

    Problem areas? Additions or Deletions? Whatever the need, we will be happy to stop by and talk to you about your landscape plans. Initial Consultations are always free.

  • Brick Paving

    We do minor brick installations and have several sub-contractors who can provide just about any brick paver hardscape desired.