Portfolio Tag: Raised beds

Nautical Themed

The final results of this Nautical transformation bear no resemblance to the original plans.  A dry creek bed was added to the front driveway along with new LED up lights on all the trees. New LED path lighting down both sides of the home were added along with the new plantings. And the back of…
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Nautical Part II – Hard Work

Once the front of the house was re-done, the back became the focus. That's when it started to get interesting. Ideas started flowing, concepts discussed, and a new focus had begun. This job created unique challenges, primarily the tight fight around the home. Most of the job was accomplished by hand with shovels and wheelbarrows.…
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Nautical Part I – Before

A new client, on referal from an existing client, called and asked for an estimate on some new plants and some new turf for the rear side of the home.  We came up with a plan that was approved. From there, the plan grew beyond what the homeowner originally wanted. The final results are amazing.…
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