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Orchid Shed

One of our customers had a bunch of orchids hanging from old Melaleuca trees that needed to be removed. Our answer was to build the customer a crude Orchid shed in place of the trees.


A customer decided they did not want to see the house behind them anymore but didn’t know what to do. The yard was too small to get large trees in through the gate. So they called us.

Park Walk

A customer wanted to turn an overgrown portion of their large property into something nice.  We suggested some beautiful Zoysia spread beneath the magnificent Oak trees that existed. The result was a beautiful park-like setting.

Nautical Theme

A new client, on referal from an existing client, called and asked for an estimate on some new plants and some new turf for the rear side of the home.  We came up with a plan that was approved. From there, the plan grew beyond what the homeowner originally wanted. …

Private Beach

This customer purchased a home that was slightly overgrown, had a major root problem from a large tree, and had no real entertaining areas outside. The pool deck was inadequate for placement of any type of lounge chairs either.  Our solution: remove the overgrowth and problem plantings; relocate some of …