• Miscellaneous


    Some Miscellaneous photos from installs, maintenance, revitalizations, etc.  

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  • Private Beach

    Private Beach

    This customer purchased a home that was slightly overgrown, had a major root problem from a large tree, and had…

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  • Nautical Themed

    Nautical Themed

    The final results of this Nautical transformation bear no resemblance to the original plans.  A dry creek bed was added…

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  • Nautical Part II – Hard Work

    Nautical Part II – Hard Work

    Once the front of the house was re-done, the back became the focus. That's when it started to get interesting.…

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  • Nautical Part I – Before

    Nautical Part I – Before

    A new client, on referal from an existing client, called and asked for an estimate on some new plants and…

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  • Park Walk

    Park Walk

    A customer wanted to turn an overgrown portion of their large property into something nice.  We suggested some beautiful Zoysia…

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  • Tropical Walk

    Tropical Walk

    A customer wanted to convert his unused side yard into a useable walkway with the apperance of walking through a…

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  • Disappear


    A customer decided they did not want to see the house behind them anymore but didn't know what to do.…

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  • Orchid Shed

    Orchid Shed

    One of our customers had a bunch of orchids hanging from old Melaleuca trees that needed to be removed. Our…

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