Landscape industry veterans with years of installation and maintenance experience!
  • Miscellaneous
    Some Miscellaneous photos from installs, maintenance, revitalizations, etc.  ...
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  • Private Beach
    This customer purchased a home that was slightly overgrown, had a major root problem from a large tree, and had...
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  • Nautical Themed
    The final results of this Nautical transformation bear no resemblance to the original plans.  A dry creek bed was added...
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  • Park Walk
    A customer wanted to turn an overgrown portion of their large property into something nice.  We suggested some beautiful Zoysia...
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  • Mulch and shell
    One of the most understood aspects of landscaping is mulching. We offer many different options to cover up the soil in you landscape beds. We also can enlighten you on the many reasons to mulch your property....
  • Maintenance
    We offer complete landscape maintenance packages. We offer detailed services using the right tool for the job. Whether its using a hand pruner or push mowing with a bagging mower, we utilize the proper techniques to keep your landscape exquisite....
  • Brick Paving
    We do minor brick installations and have several sub-contractors who can provide just about any brick paver hardscape desired....
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  • Pete Gales
    Landscape Professional since 2003 College graduate in Computer Science Father...
  • Chris Davis
    Landscape professional for over 25 years Father of 2 daughters and...
Our goal is not to be the largest landscape company in the Sarasota area, but the best.

If you've been looking for a company who cares as much about your property as you do, look no further. Give the professionals at Florida Landscape Concepts a call. We're here to help!

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Latest news

  • Sarasota Area Seasonal Color
    The easiest way to brighten up the landscape is by adding annual color.  Annuals are great for borders, accents, and even focal points. But not all annuals do well in...
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  • Mulching for more than cosmetics
    Most homeowners view mulch as just cosmetic, opting to not spend the time and money to do it on a yearly basis. But, what most homeowners don't realize is how...
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